Leadership Englewood Class of 2020

Leadership Englewood is designed to educate local business leaders about their community and the societal and economic challenges it faces. Armed with that better understanding, the individual can best determine how to be of value to the community and to affect positive growth and change.

This is a great opportunity to build comradery with your peers and learn things you never knew about your community while gaining the leadership skills to grow your business.

What graduates of Leadership Englewood are saying:

“My experiences with Leadership Englewood have helped me further understand the community I already love and call home. Being an active member of the community and a business leader for as long as I have, I thought I already knew everything there was to know about Englewood and the surrounding area…I was wrong. Participation in Leadership as opened my eyes and exposed me to more of the inner workings of the civic and private organizations that effect our daily life. I’ve also learned much about the rich cultural side of our local history and what makes Englewood a special place to live and how it came to life. The friendships and comradery of our Class will stand the test of time, we’re all proud of our accomplishments and being able to contribute to local organizations thru the monies raised in our Class fundraiser. This was a long year with lots of challenges, lots of high points and a couple low points, but through it all we stuck together and became a family. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!”

Jim Benson, Benham Contracting

“Leadership Englewood has taught me so much about this small community we live in. Without this class, there are so many things that Englewood and the surrounding areas have to offer that I might not have ever known about. The relationships formed and friends made are probably the best part of the class. To anyone that wants to learn about this great community I highly recommend applying now for next year’s class!”

Rick O’Neal, Nothing Missed Home Inspections

“My hope was that this program would connect me with the Englewood community and demonstrate how I could serve to have a positive impact. This program has given me so much more than I had hoped. Leadership Englewood has given me the chance to meet wonderful classmates & leaders who have been immense sources of information about the area & who have become like extended family along the way. In our few short months together, I have been able to get to know more and more than I would have been able to discern on my own in years. our days spent together were educational, meaningful & demonstrative of this special place in which we live & work. This area is made up of Passionate individuals, companies & projects with significant purpose. This became clearer with every road trip & meeting we shared. With the cumulation of our Luau at the end of our time together , My hope is that we have touched many lives in positive and meaningful ways and look forward to continuing to make a difference with this group in our years to come.”

Cheryl Schum, Boca Beacon

“My time at Leadership was memorable and something I would do again if given the opportunity. As a business owner, I thought I would regret taking time away from my company. The days are long and butting heads with other business owners can be challenging, but at the end of the day the relationships formed will last a lifetime. The most rewarding part of this whole experience is raising money for the community and the lives that will impact.”

Kyle Arnold, Arnold Insurance

“Because I have covered so many people, places, and things in Charlotte and Sarasota Counties as a newspaper reporter, I underestimated how much I would learn. However, through Leadership Englewood, I took the time to enjoy learning behind the scenes of these programs and places. It’s amazing how open the owners and administrators were to our group. More importantly I’ve met 15 people who have become real friends. We’ve already bonded. I honestly believe because each of us brings something different to the table, we will remain friends and continue doing good for others because we understand hard work, dedication and selflessness. I would recommend Leadership Englewood to anyone open to new experiences, and an additional Charlotte and Sarasota county resources.”

Elaine Allen-Emrich, Englewood Sun Newspaper

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