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About the ChamberBoard of Directors

2020 Board of Directors:

  • Jonathan Varner Headshot

    Jonathan Varner, President

    Wampler Varner Insurance Group
    1201 South McCall Road
    Englewood, FL 34223
    Phone: 941-473-7100
    Email: Jonathan@WamplerIns.com

  • Brian Faro Headshot

    Brian Faro, President Elect

    Paradise Exclusive Real Estate
    5855 Placida Rd., #302
    Englewood, FL 34224
    Phone: 941-270-2220
    Email: BrianFaro@brianfaro.com

  • Mark Knauf Headshot

    Mark H. Knauf, Treasurer

    Mark H. Knauf, PA.
    2230 S. McCall Rd.
    Englewood, FL 34224
    Phone: 941-474-5450
    Email: office@markknaufcpa.com

  • Kristina Watts Headshot

    Kristina Watts, VP of Leadership

    Englewood Bank & Trust
    1111 S. McCall Road
    Englewood, FL 34223
    Phone: 941-473-2713
    Email: kmwatts@ebtfl.com

  • Kathy Castellano Headshot

    Kathy Castellano, Director

    Centennial Bank
    500 US 41 Bypass N.
    Venice, FL 34285
    Phone: 941-237-2002
    Email: KCastellano@my100bank.com

  • Lou Cook Headshot

    Lou Cook, Director

    Signs In One Day
    2961 Placida Rd #2
    Englewood, FL 34224
    Phone: 941-697-9688
    Email: Info@signsonplacida.com

  • Alred Current Headshot

    Alfred Current, Director

    Rowley Insurance
    262 S. Indiana Ave
    Englewood, FL 34223
    Phone: 941-475-7762
    Email: Alfred@rowleyins.com

  • Jeremy Jones Headshot

    Jeremy Jones, Director

    Tall Pines Realty & Rentals
    1500 S. McCall Road
    Englewood, FL 34223
    Phone: 941-698-4111
    Email: tallpinesinfo@yahoo.com

  • Kathleen Jasosik Headshot

    Kathleen Jarosik, Director

    Xpertech Auto Repair
    101 N. McCall Rd
    Englewood, FL 34223
    Phone: 941-474-3793
    Email: kathleenJarosik@gmail.com

  • Chris Porter Headshot

    Chris Porter, Director

    The Englewood Sun
    120 W. Dearborn Street
    Englewood, FL 34223
    Phone: 941-681-3000
    Email: Chris.porter@yoursun.com

  • Shane Whitmore Headshot

    Shane Whitmore, Director

    Reliable Cabinet Designs
    6900 San Casa Drive
    Englewood, FL 34224
    Phone: 941-473-3403
    Email: ShaneRCD@aol.com

  • Shawn Emery Headshot

    Shawn Emery, Director

    Emery Auto & Diesel Repair
    6436 San Casa Dr
    Englewood FL, 34224
    Phone: 941-548-4070
    Email: emeryauto@yahoo.com

  • Michael Ehrat Headshot

    Michael Ehrat, Director

    Englewood Community Hospital
    700 Medical Blvd
    Englewood, FL 34223
    Phone: 941-475-6571

  • Erin Halstead-Director

    Michael Saunders & Company
    1200 S. McCall Rd
    Englewood FL, 34223
    Phone: 941-270-0539
    Email: erinhalstead@michaelsaunders.com

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