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logo The Sysco Story
Building customer relationships requires time, effort and sincerity. For Sysco, it began with a promise to assist foodservice operators in providing consumers with solutions for meals consumed away from home. Since the initial public offering in 1970, when sales were $115 million, Sysco has grown to $37 billion in sales for fiscal year 2010.
Today, Sysco has sales and service relationships with approximately 400,000 customers and remains committed to helping them succeed in the foodservice industry and satisfy consumers' appetites. Operating from more than 180 locations throughout the United States, Canada and Ireland, Sysco's product lines are as diverse as the 45,000 employees who support its daily operations. They include not only the ingredients needed to prepare meals, but also numerous ancillary preparation and serving items. As a result, Sysco can make a difference in its customers' lives and the success of their businesses.
At Sysco, we pride ourselves on being the nation’s largest foodservice distributor by offering customized service to restaurants throughout the country. If you are not a business, but would like to try some of the great items we offer, we suggest you visit one of your neighborhood restaurants/cafes as we sell to foodservice only.