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Lightspeed Voice

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Member Since: 06/01/2016 Representative: Brad Fuller, CTO; Jenny Casch, Strategic Accounts

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Cell: 941.268.0204
Fax: 941.209.5665


135 Triple Diamond Blvd
Nokomis FL, 34275

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Description of Lightspeed Voice

logo Business VoIP (voice over internet protocol) Service – Lightspeed Voice is more than just a business phone system. We offer a cutting-edge suite of time-saving and productivity-enhancing tools that allows you, the business owner, complete control.
40+ Amazing tools – including, but not limited to API Integration (Integrate your telephone system into any web based software to allow for better reporting, ease of use and never before seen business insights.), Call Recording, Informer Reporting, Schedule Control, TimeCop, SMS/Text Messaging, Call Center Features, etc.