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A “Silver-Lining” within Today’s Circumstances

These are indeed rough waters we all are having to navigate.  Many businesses are struggling to find ways to keep their doors open and to pay their employees. Unfortunately, some companies have not been able to do it.  The reports I’ve been able to review show that more than 6,500 jobs have been lost in Charlotte County and more than 20,000 in Sarasota County.

The impact on Non-Profit organizations has also been significant.  Without the ability to host fundraising events, the financial resources available for these organizations to carry out their missions have been crippled.  When things will, is a big unknown.

While it may be difficult, finding a “silver-lining” amongst the storm is one way to cope. We have discovered a way to create something positive at the Englewood Chamber, and everyone is invited.

On Thursday, August 20th, our networking lunch will take place at a venue that we normally would not be able to use. Pre-COVID attendance at our monthly networking lunches averaged 45-60 people.  That kind of crowd cannot be accommodated at Mango Bistro.  Because of the pandemic, we had to create a different networking lunch experience. We discovered that people enjoy the “Drive-Thru” lunch concept.  So that is what we are doing this month.  Because the venue’s size doesn’t matter, we can bring our August Networking Lunch to Mango Bistro (301 W. Dearborn Street). Online registration is required: www.EnglewoodChamber.com.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Membership is Good for Business

The Chamber has many resources available to its members.  Several of these business growing tools can be taken advantage of without personal contact. Here’s a sampling of those:

  • Free lobby space provided to display business cards or other printed materials.
  • Inclusion on the Chamber website with a link to the business website.
  • Ability to broadcast a free weekly promotional message to more than 2,500 contacts.
  • Use of the Chamber’s logo to provide instant credibility with potential customers.

  For additional benefits of a Chamber membership, please contact Kim Parks. (Kim.Parks@EnglewoodChamber.com or 941-474-5511)

Englewood Beach 9 – MiniGolf

As of press time, the August 15th event is still a go. For event details, including a list of the safety restrictions that will be in place, visit: www.EnglewoodBeach9.com.

A special to Thank You to Reliable Cabinet Designs for being a sponsor.  There are three (3) more $200 sponsorship opportunities available.

Ed Hill-Executive Director


Comments (2)

  1. Marc Klocke says on May 24, 2020 at 8:45am

    Any idea when the beach bathrooms will be open?
    My family is from Iowa and my parents have a condo in Englewood and would love to travel there in June….

  2. Kim Parks says on May 25, 2020 at 7:46am

    We do not know for sure yet…that will be decided by our county commissioners. The CC webpage is the best resource for updated info on our beaches/parks & rec rules.

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