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Beach Re-Nourishment Scheduled For This Fall In Englewood

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What to expect…here are common questions & answers:

Q:     What are the dates of the project?

A:        It is expected that some equipment will be staged on/around the beach immediately following the end of Turtle Season (Oct. 31st).  Actually work on the beach will not commence until the conclusion of the WaterFest Boat Races which are scheduled for Nov. 22nd – 24th.  The completion date is March 31, 2020.

Q:     Will the Beach be closed?

A:        No.  Beach access will permitted in areas not occupied by the construction crews. Those constructions zones will be designated with orange fencing.  Once a construction zone is completed, there will be a large pipe left in place that will cause some inconvenience.  Provisions will be made to navigate around/over the pipe, but the pipe will be on the beach until the entire project is completed. 

Q:     Will there be sand shooting through the air?

A:        No.  Sand will be pumped onto the beach from an offshore sandbar into the designated construction zone.  The sand will be the consistency of mud. These zones are expected to be 100-200 feet in length and stretch from the dunes to the water.  Tractors will spread the accumulated sand within the construction zone.  One a zone is completed (1-2 days), the zone will move down the beach another 100-200 feet. 

Q:     Will the beach be noisy?

A:        The equipment responsible for pumping the sand onto the beach will be located far enough offshore that it will not be heard.  However, the tractors and other heavy equipment that will be moving the sand within a construction zone will generate a fair amount of noise.           

The attached photo was taken of a similar beach re-nourishment project.  We are expecting the Englewood Beach construction zones to look similar to this.


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