FAQ for Englewood Beach 9 – Putt Putt

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(1) What is the Englewood Beach 9 – Putt Putt?

Four-person teams will self-tour nine selected restaurant venues throughout the Englewood Beach area. At each stop, each person will play a mini-golf putting “Hole” that has been specifically constructed for the event.

(2) Has this been done before?

This will be the 2nd year the event has been held in Englewood. This format has been used to stage similar events in Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda for 10 years.

(3) Do the teams need to be four (4) people?

The maximum number of people on a team is four … however, you can register as a twosome or as a single. People who register with less than four people, will be matched up with others to create teams of four.

(4) How do I register and what is the cost?

Registration is done online. The website address is www.EnglewoodBeach9.com. The cost is $25.00 per person / $ 100.00 for a team of four. We also have a V.I.P. Package available. What makes this “V.I.P.” is the ‘transportation-on-demand’. There is no waiting for the trolley – or the driving yourself to a venue and looking for a parking spot. The cost is $400 per Four-Person team. Only five (5) V.I.P. Packages are available.

(5) Which restaurants are participating?

We have three (3) restaurants (“Holes”) near Dearborn Street: Englewood Billiards & Brews, Howards Restaurant and La Stanza … three (3) “Holes” on the mainland: Farlow’s on the Water, Ricaltini’s and The End Zone … and three (3) “Holes” at the beach: The Waverly Restaurant & Bar, Lock ‘n Key and the Sandbar Tiki & Grille. A map of the restaurant locations is on the event website: www.EnglewoodBeach9.com

(6) What is the schedule of events on October 6th?

You and your team should arrive at your “Starting Hole” at 10:00am for check-in. Your starting Hole will have a score card with the team name and team captain on it. The score card will have a space for the name of each team player. The Team Captain is Player #1 with the others being identified as #2, # 3 and # 4. At check-in, each player will receive a wrist band with their player # on it. The team will Putt in the same order at each of the Holes (#1, #2, #3, #4) Play will commence at each of the holes at 10:30am. Teams are allowed to go to the different nine (9) Holes in any order that they wish. The event wrap-up party begins at 4:00 at the Sandbar Tiki & Grille. Teams must have their score cards turned in by 4:00 at the Sandbar.

(7) How do I know which restaurant venue is my “Starting Hole”?

When you register your team, you will be asked to submit your Top 3 preferences for your starting venue. We will do our best to accommodate every request as we assign your starting spot. The purpose for designating a starting location for each team is to attempt to minimize the wait at each venue and to facilitate faster play. We will be contacting the captain of each team between Oct. 1st and Oct. 4th with your starting location.

NOTE: It is EXTREMELY important that you start at the proper place because that is where your Score Card will be waiting for you at the 10:00am check-in.

(8) How do I travel from Venue to Venue?

There are two options.

(1) If you have a member of your team who will not be consuming any alcoholic beverages throughout the day, they could be your Designated Driver and you can travel to each Hole in your own vehicle with that person driving.

(2) The Englewood Chamber is providing bus and trolley transportation throughout the day and at NO COST. You can expect to have either a bus or a trolley arrive at each venue approximately every 30 minutes beginning at 10:30am until 4:00pm. The buses will also be routed back to the venue locations, from the beach up until 6:30pm. NOTE: We are exploring the possibility of running the buses later than 6:30pm. You should “LIKE” and “FOLLOW” the Chamber’s Facebook page in order to stay fully informed of any transportation updates.

(9) What do I park if I’m using the FREE transportation service?

Some of the venues have ample parking at their location. We are finalizing an agreement to have a centralized parking lot available to function as a “Park n’ Ride”. Details of that option will be posted on the Chamber’s Facebook page as soon as they become available.

(10) What do I do when our team arrives at a venue (Hole)?

A reminder, after you complete your “Starting Hole”, you can travel to any of the other holes in whatever order you wish. Once you arrive at a hole, the first thing you should do is “Check-in” with the venue PUTT MASTER. This person will be wearing a Bright Yellow shirt. The Putt Master will let you know when it’s your team’s turn to play. When it is your turn, Player #1 will hand the team score card to the Putt Master who will record the scores for each of the players … #1, #2, #3 and #4. Once the score is recorded for Player #4, the score card will be returned to the Team Captain.

(11) Do I need to bring my own Golf Putter and Golf Ball?

YES – each player should bring their own putter and golf ball. It actually is not uncommon for people to decorate their putter in a way that adds to the theme of the team’s costume. A local thrift store might be the place to buy an inexpensive. An alternative to each player have their own putter would be for the team to have one that is shared by each member of the team.

(12) Is there anything we should know about playing each Putt-Putt Hole?

Please follow the instructions on your Score Card. Please keep these 2 things in mind: It is expected that each player will take no more than 1-2 minutes to complete their turn … if your score becomes a 5 – please pick-up your ball and let the next person play.

(13) Are there any Prizes?

Prizes will be awarded to the: Best Team Score, Worst Team Score, Best Individual Score and Worst Individual Score. The MOST POPULAR prize of the day will be for “Team Costume”. Each team will also be asked for vote for their Favorite Hole. The venue receiving the most votes will receive the Winning Hole Trophy.