Do you know any of these Past Presidents of the Chamber?

We understand that many on this list may have passed. In those cases, we would like to have the ability to contact a family member for the purposes of obtaining a photo for our Wall of Presidents. If you could help provide some contact information, that would be most appreciated. Please send them to Thank you.

No.Name of Past PresidentYear as President
1Richard Plumer1941
2Col. Douglas Grahame1946
3William Jonas1947
4Charles Reiter1949
5Oscar Anderson1951
6John A. Stanford1953
7Walter Glass1954
8William Hart1958
9Richard Geary1959
10Paul Webinga1960
11Wilbur Bradford1961
12H. R. Johnson1964
13Joe N. Scott1967
14Roger Mashke1969
15William Bramley1970
16James H. Thompson1972
17John W. Gaunt1974
18Charles J. Battaglia1976
19Jeffrey Barber1978 – 79
20Jerome L. Bernstein1980
21Dr. Christopher King, OD1987
22Shelli Hazeltine1998
23Mary Ann Conroy2011