Giving Challenge 24 hour streaming event


The Giving Challenge is this Tuesday April 9th starting at noon and on into April 10th at noon. This biennial fundraiser is a Huge opportunity to help the Charlotte Players raise desperately needed monies to continue their mission with the organization. The Patterson Foundation has graciously offered to match all online contributions up to $100!

While some non-profits involved in the challenge have opted to do “pop-up” locations to receive donations or go live from time to time on their social platforms, the Charlotte Players staff and their community of volunteers who help run the organization have decided they will be providing a 24-hour live stream event! The live stream will contain tons of information about the Charlotte Players organization, the “how’s and why’s” on how the business aspects of the organization are ran and of course all things entertainment too! We will be live at the top of every hour with something new and exciting.

The live stream is something that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home and at your convenience from the site listed below. The ease of online donations at the same site makes it effortless to support your favorite organization and we are always a phone call away if you need assistance. We hope you feel inclined to help us spread the word and mention our page to your friends and family. You do not have to be local to participate, you can even be in another country!

Should you be so inclined to help us, this is the time to gather firm commitments from at least 5 people to make donations for the Giving Challenge. We are finding that people are very open to making a donation, especially with having the DOUBLE match for online gifts of $25 – $100.

Give them the specific URL to be taken directly to our donation page.

Put this out through YOUR email and your social media pages please. Follow the Charlotte Players and Kids Onstage pages on Facebook and Instagram, and SHARE the posts about the event – Lori is doing a great job getting the information out through social media but we have to spread it farther! The live stream can only be enjoyed if people know about it!

To make in person donations: stop by Charlotte Players- 1182 Market Circle in Port Charlotte.

Thanks for all you are doing to help make our Giving Challenge a huge success!