The People and Places that Make Us

“The People and Places that Make Us” Featuring Hermitage Fellow Cleyvis Natera, Thursday, December 14, 4pm: Hermitage Fellow Cleyvis Natera’s “earnest and provocative” debut novel Neruda on the Park is “refreshingly direct and declarative” (The New York Times). Based in a Dominican community in New York City on the brink of the seemingly inevitable gentrification process, Natera’s novel charts the varied reactions to this new reality: some are willing to accept it, some may even benefit, but others are planning to risk everything to fight to keep their home. Offering no easy answers, the story ultimately asks: who are the people and where are the places that make us who we are? Hear the author read and discuss her work and gain insight into what’s up next for this much-praised writer. Presented in Partnership with Johann Fust Library Foundation. Registration is required at ($5/person registration fee). Johann Fust Community Library in Boca Grande, 1040 10th St. W., Boca Grande, FL 33921

At: Johann Fust Community Library

1040 10th St. W.
Boca Grande FL, 33921

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