How to Effectively Handle an OSHA Inspection

This free webinar will offer attendees step by step guidance on what to do if OSHA shows up at your business.


Under the Biden administration, OSHA has become much more aggressive about inspections and rule enforcement.  The number of Federal OSHA inspections resulting in penalties in excess of $100,000 has been dramatically increasing over the past several years. This number will continue to grow significantly as a result of OSHA penalty increases. This comprehensive presentation will offer attendees an in-depth, practical examination of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (the “Act”) and how it and the Secretary of Labor’s right to enforce the Act may potentially affect the inspected facility and the company’s business objectives. This webinar will take attendees through the inspection process, including pre-inspection, opening conference, walkaround inspection, document production, employee interviews, closing conference, informal conference, appeals and hearings before the OSH Review Commission.  Attendees will be provided a step-by-step discussion of the legal and practical process implicated when OSHA arrives for an inspection, how to define the scope of the inspection, and how to effectively assert your legal rights when OSHA is being unreasonable.  This webinar will provide attendees essential tips for what every manager should do while the inspection is being conducted and afterward to help achieve the best possible outcome.  Finally, the webinar will examine how to assert your legal rights and know there limitation during an inspection and the relationship of OSHA inspections to other regulatory and business responsibilities.

Learning Objectives:

  1. The new emphasis area for current OSHA inspection;
  2. Strategies for handling different types of OSHA inspections in order to avoid large number of citations and significant penalties;
  3. How to formalize a strategy for handling OSHA inspections company-wide;
  4. Having a plan in place to prepare for an OSHA inspection;
  5. Know your rights when OSHA arrives;
  6. Discern the best ways to define the scope of an OSHA inspection;
  7. Understanding the importance of narrowing the scope of inspections;
  8. How to be on the lookout during an OSHA inspection for potential alleged violations OSHA may cite;
  9. Ensuring that your managers, supervisors and employees all are aware of their legal rights during OSHA interviews, and
  10. The legal options for dealing with citations received from OSHA.

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