Art Journaling

Unleash Your Inner Artist: Experience the joy of nature journaling, regardless of your skill level. Thursday from 6:00pm- 7:30pm! Reserve your seat with
– $35.00 per class, materials included
(payment link:
– size limit of 12

Let’s connect and practice proven ways to settle in, get centered & grounded, and help alleviate some of our stresses and anxieties by learning to become more present.

Get more mindful using a watercolor journal and a field journal technique. No Experience necessary!

Beginning a nature journal can be daunting. Wondering where to begin? Paulina will make suggestions for your pages, element by element, as you travel through your nature experience. She will encourage areas for mindset, poetry/prose, and close-up sketches. She will walk you through some skills training as well, related directly to a nature watercolor exercise. And hope you leave with a sense of calm that you can reflect on later and tools you can use to continue the practice between classes.