Englewood Toastmasters

Toastmasters empowers individuals through personal and professional development. Attending a club meeting as a guest is free. So why not take a chance and visit our next meeting?

At Toastmasters you can learn skills to develop your business and expand your opportunities.

Are you nervous in front of people? Lacking confidence at video conferences? If you are looking for a place to find/improve your voice and style?

Check out Toastmasters.

Whether you’re starting a career, running a business, moving up or leading your family, church or community, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Confidence is a quality that we all want…
It’s a quality that helps us take on big challenges, inspire others and overcome setbacks. Unfortunately, confidence can be elusive. We can be confident in one part of our life, but terrified in another. And that’s if we’re lucky. Confidence can sometimes look like a God-given attribute dished out at birth: you either have it or you don’t.

Confidence isn’t a person. Confidence is a mindset which can be developed, which we think is pretty exciting!

Try out your next pitch. Practice presenting your next work project in a supportive environment. Receive constructive feedback and learn how to provide valuable feedback to other people. Try out new ideas.

Learn how to:
• Hook your audience’s attention, explain difficult concepts, and move them emotionally to action.
• Speak without notes
• Speak off-the-cuff and handle anyone’s response… objection… complaint… No preparation? No problem.

Be you, but more so:
• Develop your personal strengths,
• Stop your weaknesses kicking your butt, and
• Start with your unique personality so you develop a speaking style that is authentically you.

Who is Toastmasters for?
• Nervous or reluctant presenters who want to learn new skills
• Decent public speakers who want to take the next leap to inspiring, memorable communication
• Emerging leaders who want to build their personal brand through speaking
• Change makers who want to inspire their audience with their vision and purpose. Maybe you’re a start-up founder, or a leader at a non-profit
• Or maybe you’ve got a side hustle that you want to grow

I’m not a leader, is this suitable for me?
YES! We define a leader as someone who is in a position to influence someone, and we’re sure that is you.

Do I have to attend every session?
Life is busy. Sometimes we have to miss stuff: brunch, work drinks, your brother’s wedding. We get it! Ideally, you’d attend most meetings.

Visit our next meeting!    The 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month.
No cost!
No obligation!