How FL’s New Law Affects Your Business

How Florida’s New “Individual Freedom” Law Could Affect Employee Training – Webinar

The Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association is partnering with the Restaurant Law Center to bring you a webinar on the HB 7 bill, Florida’s “Individual Freedom Act,” which was recently signed into law by the governor. This webinar includes a panel of legal and industry experts who will explore the history behind the legislation. The panel will also discuss the status of the law, as well as potential effects this new law could have on hospitality businesses training of their workforce. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions of the panelists, who have been keeping a close eye on this new law and its effect on the industry. Click Here to learn more about HB7 “Individual Freedom Act”


  • Stephanie L. Alder-Paindiris, Principal, Jackson-Lewis
  • Amanda A. Simpson, Principal, Jackson-Lewis
  • Samantha H. Padgett, Vice President of Government Relations and General Counsel, Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association
  • Angelo Amador, Executive Director, Restaurant Law Center

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