Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserves’ Snorkeling Ecoventure

Up to six participants will board the Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserves’ 25′ Triumph Windsorcraft, take a short ride to the snorkel site, then don masks and snorkels to see firsthand the seagrass beds and other habitats marine creatures call home. Sea urchins, varieties of fish, seastars, whelks and other animals can be discovered. Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserves staff will assist in collection and identification of these animals, as well as discuss the importance of aquatic preserves and the species that depend on these estuarine habitats. Participants should expect to be out for 2 hours. We will have a small cooler aboard with bottled water. No large coolers please due to limited deck space. Please wear a bathing suit, and plan to bring snorkel gear (if you have it, otherwise gear will be provided), towel, water, sunscreen, and hat.

Meeting place for trip is the Gasparilla Marina: 15001 Gasparilla Rd. Placida, Florida 33946. Participants are required to pay the $5 parking fee at Marina office prior to boarding the boat, and must be on board at time of scheduled departure.
For inquiries call 941-575-5861
To book a trip visit:

At: Gasparilla Marina

15001 Gasparilla Rd
Placida FL, 33946