Florida Native Milkweeds in the Garden

Chris Parisi, the owner of Restless Natives Nursery in Tarpon Springs, has been raising native milkweed species for seven years and has successfully grown local ecotypes of several species. In addition to raising plants for sale, he harvests and sells seeds of these species as part of an ongoing project to increase the availability of local ecotype native milkweed seeds in Florida. Chris will speak on Florida Native Milkweeds in the Garden and how they can help both the Monarch Butterfly and a host of other pollinators. He will also cover the importance of preserving local ecotypes and bio diversity. . For information, call Denny Girard at 941-474-1492, or email him at dennyg29@msn.com. Everyone is welcome. http://www.mangrove.fnpschapters.org

At: Lemon Bay Park

570 Bay Park Blvd
Englewood Florida

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