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Message from the Executive Director

On behalf of the Englewood Chamber of Commerce I congratulate you!

Why? Because you chose to visit this website. By doing so, you are demonstrating that you are indeed serious about making your organization a success. You understand the value of a chamber membership and being affiliated with the Most Powerful … Most Influential … Most Successful people in the Englewood Florida area.

Did you know there is strong data to support the bottom line return of a chamber membership? When surveyed … the general public said they are 63% more likely to patronize a business that was known to be a chamber of commerce member compared to a business that did not belong to their local chamber of commerce.

In a day when it is becoming increasingly more difficult to separate yourself from your competition, a membership in the Englewood Florida Chamber of Commerce is a simple and cost effective way that you can positively:

  1. become better known throughout the community …
  2. become better liked throughout the area … and …
  3. increase the credibility and trust among your potential customers and clients.

As the Executive Director of the Chamber, my objective is very simple: I want to help you be successful … however it is that you define “success”. If your objective is to attract more customer and clients, I want the Chamber to help you to that. If your desire is to be more socially engaged with your community, the Chamber can provide you with a forum to do so.

Whether you are currently a Chamber member … or have not yet made “the wise decision to become one” … please do not hesitate to contact me if you ever have any questions or concerns.
Thank you!

Ed Hill
Executive Director